Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Bucket List absolute favorite! I'm really looking forward to fall this year. Since this weekend is Labor Day, it marks the beginning of fall for me. In my head, it's now fall! 
 I've been compiling a 'fall bucket list' of things I want to do. Most of them I'm looking forward to doing with Colson!
1. Having bonfires and making s'mores! I love sitting around a fire chatting with family and friends. And I really love the smell of a bonfire! We are going camping this weekend I'm there is no doubt in my mind that we will be doing plenty of this! Colson is so mesmerized by fire, simple entertainment.

2. I love all things pumpkin! I recently found a recipe for pumpkin cream cheese bread that I plan on making ASAP! 

3. I haven't been to a drive in movie since I was in junior high. I know of one local drive in that is left in the area. I think fall is the  perfect time to go since it is cooler and then snuggle under the stars seems appropriate! ;)

4. I want to carve pumpkins this year. I honestly can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. The mess only lasts a short while and I want to start fun traditions like these even if Colson is still young. And seriously, how cute is this pumpkin?

5. Take Colson to a pumpkin patch! Honestly, nothing else says fall than going to a pumpkin patch and of course taking a hayride! Again, he's still pretty small for this but it's such a fun tradition! Besides...hello pictures!!!

6. Go to a Boise State football game! I'm so excited for football season! I love watching BSU and I haven't been to a game in a couple years. This year we are going for Emily's birthday and I can't wait!

7. Go to the Haunted World! I go every year even though every year I promise that I will never go again. I don't like getting scared so obviously this is right up my alley. But I always laugh and seems to enjoy myself.

8. Take Colson trick-or-treating. I am not overly excited for this one but's all about tradition and it's his first Halloween! I'm going to try and attempt to make his costume this year. Along with mine.....

9. There are so many cute fall and Halloween crafts on Pinterest and I'm going to attempt the finger paints again to make at least one of these adorable crafts!

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