Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colson 8 Months.

This month has been so fun! It's also flown by!

Colson has developed so much this month. He's been scooting/pulling himself around but just recently figuring out his knees. He's also pulling himself up on everything and holding on as he walks. He is sitting up now from a laying down position.
He loves to bounce! In his bouncer, jumper, or while we hold onto him! The boy loves moving!
Getting a picture of him was near impossible! He would NOT sit down. He pulled himself up and walked around his crib.

I no longer know what a schedule is. This boy eats when he wants, sleeps when he wants, and just does what he wants! I will thank teething.... He has four and two more about to pop through. Hello clingy, cuddly Colson!

He has really started to babble a lot more and I find myself having conversations with him daily.

He's only having two bottles a day and eating food the rest of the day.
Morning: oatmeal with fruit mixed in.
Afternoon: fruit or veggies baby food and fruit cut up or Cheerios.
He has a bottle in the afternoon before his nap.
Dinner: veggies and meat baby food along with bites of whatever I'm eating.
He has a bottle before bed.
He does great with food and it holds him over much longer. When I realized he was going through 5, yes 5, things of formula in two weeks I really started giving him more food. He likes to feed himself and it's fun to watch try new things. A few of his favorites are peaches, avocado, biscuits and gravy, and pears.

He doesn't let any food go to waste, that's for sure! He weighed 22.5 pounds a little over a week ago when he was weighed. 

We watched our first BSU game and Colson was asleep before half time but he supported his team!

My grandma and grandpa are no longer watching him but he had so much fun this past summer with them! Spoiled....maybe a little.

This boy LOVES to be outside! If he's fussy and we go outside, the majority of the time he's pretty happy!

He's playing with more toys now and recently used a walker. He's mastered the backwards walking. 

Colson is all over the place with sleep. Most nights he sleeps through the night and then there are the other nights....up at least once if not three times. Being mobile has helped to wear him out. He rubs his eyes when he's tired so I can tell. He normally takes two good naps through out the day. But like I said, there's no really routine right now.

His favorites: his animal book that makes the animal sounds, anything that lights up and sings, laughing, conversations, standing, baths, mom's phone, food, paci, interaction with other kids and jumping.

His not so favorites: fighting sleep, being in your car seat, getting dressed, a messy diaper, being in a room alone, and getting out of the bath.

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