Thursday, August 8, 2013

Colson's Nursery

Finally! I've been asked several times for pictures of Colson's nursery. I guess it is time to get around to sharing.

The is the wall as you walk in, showcasing a few of his newborn pictures that Emily took.
The white frames are from Ikea. I like the simplicity of them.

I knew that I wanted bright colors for his nursery, and not a specific theme.
I found two of the old suitcases at a second hand store and one is from my grandma. The wire basket is from an old chest freezer that was just sitting in the garage not being used. The size and shape was perfect! I really dislike stuffed animals but as long as I can corral them all in the wire basket, I don't mind them!
The 'C' hook is from Hobby Lobby. The colors matched his room perfectly, so I felt the need for it. 
I made the banner with his name on it for my baby shower and decided to hang it in his room. Originally, I wanted to hang it on a different wall until I made it extremely long! 
The chalkboard is an old picture that I removed the glass from and painted. I have a thing for chalkboards!

I purchased about 20 of the paper lanterns and planned to cluster them above his crib. However, after my very patient dad hung them....I didn't like it! So I selected a few and love how it turned out. I ordered them online for really inexpensively. 
The rocking chair is from a yard sale and then we recovered the cushion.
The basket was mine from college and houses some his blankets. This boy has a ton of blankets! I love that my family sews. 
The old window is from a second hand store and REALLY needs pictures in it! I plan on putting some three month and six month pictures in it.
I found the dresser at a second hand store. I wanted an old dresser to paint but got extremely lucky with the condition of this one. The crib, dresser, and rocking chair all match so nicely that I didn't want to paint.

I hung his curtain from a tree branch that was cut out of my uncle's yard. My mom made his curtain to match his quilt. The branch is hanging from hooks that I found at Hobby Lobby.
To the left of his window is hanging his coming home outfit and a picture of the two of us before leaving the hospital. I can imagine that outfit was too big when I put him in it! I found the green metal tub from Tia-pan and have some of his toys stored in it.

On the opposite wall is his closet and bookcase. Above the bookcase on the shelves is his baby book and photo album full of Instagram pictures containing my little man.
The bottom shelve is displaying one of my favorite this in his room, letters that my friend Heidi made for him. I LOVE these!
On the top of the bookcase is a blue tin with paci's. I promise that it's not full. Also, a book from my baby shower containing wishes for Colson and words of wisdom. I still love reading what people wrote.
And books! Lots of books! Colson loves reading!

The Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were made for Colson. This are so special to me. As a kid, we had dolls similar to these that my great grandmother made. I have the book from her displayed up there as well.
The fire truck was bought for us at the hospital with flowers from my "Aunt" Kristi. I love the vintage look of it.

Colson has been sleeping in his nursery since he was about a month old. We spend quite a bit of time in here and I love how it turned out.

Well, there you have it! Now I just need to finish that old window and I can call it done!

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