Tuesday, July 9, 2013

6 Months

I realized this morning that this gem was saved as a draft and I never published it! 

I remember bringing Colson home from the hospital and I couldn't believe he was mine FOREVER.
I felt like I was going to wake up from the sweetest dream.
6 months later and I still get this feeling.
A feeling too good to be true.

Mine to raise.
Mine to love.
Mine to protect.
Mine to teach.
Mine to care for.
Mine to lead and be an example to.
Mine to make traditions with.
But most importantly...mine to pray for.

I can't believe the difference 6 months makes!

Weight: 7 pounds
Height: 20.5"
Head: 13.75"


Weight: 19.8 pounds
Height: 27.5"
Head: 18"
Colson is in the 90% in height and head but just shy of 90th for weight.

He's in size 3 diapers, wearing between 6 and 12 months clothing (depending on brand and what it is), and in the 90 percentile on the growth charts.

Colson manages to get up on all 4's like he's going to take off but rocks! He manages to move all over the place...but isn't crawling yet.

He's very interested in colors, shapes, and sounds. He loves toys that light up and make noises. However, he screams the entire time while playing with them.

Colson is eating oatmeal twice a day but I will now introduce other foods. Let me just give you a visual of how messy of eater I have on my hands.

Colson has blessed me with sleep! He is still sleeping through the night. Once in awhile he will wake up during the night but I will go into his nursery, rub his back, and he's out again!

Colson's favorites include: mum paci, reading, bathtime, crawl ball, conversations, screaming, people jumping (finds this hilarious), sitting up, the noise of the blow dryer, Momma's phone, swimming lessons, playing peek-a-boo, and Hans.

Colson's not-so favorites: fighting sleep, getting out of the bath, being in the carseat for too long, clothes going on or off, and being left out.

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