Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 Months

The months go by so quickly! This has been such a great month! We have a few milestones!

Colson is still in size 3 diapers and out of 6 month clothes. He's wearing 9-12 month sizes.

He isn't full on crawling yet but manages to move around to wherever he wants to be. He still gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. I imagine that by the end of this coming month, I'll have a crawler.

He has 2 teeth on the bottom and just shy of 2 teeth breaking through on top.

Colson also went on his first road-trip! He did such a great job! We went to Montana for four days, the day after he had his shots. I was prepared for a fussy baby but instead I had a very happy baby! 

We went to visit family. While we were there we went to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Colson loved all the animals and didn't mind his antlers!

We went to my Great Aunt and Uncle's cabin while we were there. It is beautiful! We loved our day spent there with family!

We went to a fire station to visit. The excitement on this little boys face when we go to any fire station is pure joy! 
As a kid I remember going to the carousel everytime we went to Montana, had to start the tradition early with Colson! This is still one of my favorite things about taking the trip to Montana. I usually have to beg my brother to ride with me! 
Colson found a love for pickles while we were in Montana. 
And of course a Grizz fan was created!
Since he's been teething he's been overly tired and sleeping quite a bit. One evening I undressed him in his room and by the time we made it into the bathroom he was asleep on my shoulder. Bath was short that night.

He has outgrown his infant carseat. :( But he loves the benefit of the bigger carseat!

Finally holding his bottle! Yay!

Colson loves: sleeping on his side, playing peek-a-boo he giggles and giggles, jumping, using a sippy cup, eating, standing, toys with noises, and being the center of attention!

Not so favorites: being woke up in the mornings, still fights sleep, teething, not being the center of attention, long drives, and when Hans runs away! (I am a firm believer that the reason my child is going to start crawling will be Hans! You can see in his eyes that he just wants to chase him!)

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