Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Nashville Girls Trip

 This post is better late than never, right??? We've been planning this trip for a year and finally set the date for the end of June. Nashville is so fun! We didn't have many plans, our goal was to relax, go with the flow, and do whatever we felt like.

Lindsey, Larissa, and I headed out extremely early. We had a layover in Denver so we sent this to Liza and told her she shouldn't have taken a later flight because we were already having fun!

Because of delays and complications getting into our AirBNB, we had about 20 minutes to get ready for the night. Night one, I was ready! It was so hot while we were there and the humidity was high.

Dress // Boots are no longer available from Free People // Purse was local small shop

We ate dinner at White Limozeen. We had rooftop reservations but it was raining extremely hard so we ate inside. It was such a cute restaurant but I would recommend their brunch.

Next stop, Broadway...

Our favorite bar was Tootsies. It's a dive but the music was so good!

We picked Liza up from the airport and headed to the house to sleep since we'd been up for 24 hours.

On Thursday morning, we had brunch at The Hampton Social Club on the rooftop. It had great views and the food was so good! 

It was refreshing to sit and visit without any other responsibilities. 

I ate my fair share of lobster on this trip. This lobster roll was so good!

Next up was a short scooter ride to Ruster Hat Company.

If you're going to Nashville, I couldn't recommend Rustler Hat Co more. It was such a fun experience. We made reservations for the bar experience. It was expensive, but I think it was worth it. 

Pick your hat, the ties, fabrics, stitching, charms, burning, and shape.

It was fun to see how each of our hats reflected each of our personalities.

Another eventful scooter ride back to our house and we vowed to not get back on another scooter for the remainder of our trip. :)

When in Nashville....

We changed, got ready for another night on Broadway and started our night at Morgan Wallen's bar...

I love doing life with this girl!

I had to send this picture to Travis!

Friday we spent on 12th Street shopping and made our way to Bar Taco. Let me tell you, if you ever go anywhere there is a Bar Taco, do yourself a favor and try it. All of their drinks are made fresh, fresh squeezed juice right at the bar. They have so many tacos to choose from. It was good!

After a day of shopping, we got ready and headed back to Broadway!

I picked up my shirt at a small shop in Nashville // Skort is old Free People // Shoes

One more day and we spent it shopping. There is a theme. Shopping, eating, Broadway.

We did change things up a little and headed to The Grand Ole Opry

Vest // Skirt is old from a small shop // Boots

I'm glad we went to the Opry, but I would recommend planning it better. Look to see who is playing and get tickets ahead of time. We sat high but our seats were still good. Chris Jansen was the main performer.

And for our last night...Broadway was how we ended it!

We also ran into another Emmett girl!

It was such a fun trip and we all let loose and had the best time! I would recommend finding a group of ladies that you can be yourself with and plan a trip!

We found a great apartment that was centrally located. It was extremely clean and a very cute place.
This trip to Nashville looked completely different than most vacations I go on. Nothing was planned, we shopped,  a lot, and loved Broadway for the live music. I highly recommend visiting.

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