Thursday, January 4, 2024

Happy Birthday, Travis

 I'm taking today to wish my favorite person a happy birthday!

I'm grateful to spend another year with my favorite human. He is my best friend and love of my life.

A few things about the birthday guy:

He loves being at home, golfing on the simulator, and his shop makes him really happy. 

He loves to snowmobile in the winter and golf in the summer. 

He has stepped up time and time again to coach or help coach for both of our boys' teams. 

He enjoys steak and potatoes with nothing green on his plate. Queso and chips makes him very happy. Pizza is always on the menu and something we eat whenever we travel. 

He is the best vacation planner and the best travel partner. But always misses sleeping in his own bed.

He is a leader for our family. He's always thinking about something. He is extremely loyal. 

He stepped up from day one to be a wonderful father and has continued the role with excellence. 

We all love him so much!

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