Wednesday, January 3, 2024


 As the new year wad approaching I was trying to come up with a word that I could focus on this year. I kept thinking "no" would be my word. It just didn't feel right but the reasoning did.

I want to say no to more things that take me away from my family and that didn't bring me joy. I wanted to start saying yes to more things that brought us closer together and brought joy. The more I thought about it and prayed about it, the word family kept showing up.

This year I want to show up daily for my family.

I want to say yes to putting distractions away and really enjoying the time together.
I want to put boundaries in place and keep them there to protect us.
I want to say no in a respectful way to things that will take me away from my family and don't bring joy.
I want to celebrate the little things and the big things with my family.
I want to have the hard conversations and the silly conversations at the dinner table together.
I want to strengthen our family by becoming each other's biggest cheerleaders.
I want to be more financial smart to help teach my family (children) the importance of it.
I want to show up for my family and be available whenever they need me.

I know this isn't some big lofty goal but it's a word that means so much to me and I want to do a better job showing up and loving them. 2024 is the year for that.

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