Monday, October 9, 2023

Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday! This weekend was full and so much fun!

On Friday, the kids didn't have school and what started as a couple friends ended with seven kids at the house. They had so much fun and played outside most of the day. I fed them pizza outside at lunchtime.

A lot of football was played....

And before everyone went home, we watched a movie.

Charlee asked to have ice cream with Brooke and Leila so we loaded up and headed for ice cream!

The boys and I headed to the varsity football game! The boys love to go and it was such a great game!

Saturday morning started with a hot breakfast, which doesn't happen very often!

before heading to watch Colson's team!
He scored two touchdowns and had a huge defensive tackle! Their team won 22-0.

We spent the afternoon doing a few chores, including helping Dad in the shop! It's so close to being done!

Colson has grown out of his bike so after weeks of asking for a bigger one, we finally made it happen.
We went to dinner and did a little shopping.

When we got home we had a new biker/ scooter gang! :) 
Charlee got a new two wheel scooter!!!

Peyton also got a new two wheel scooter!!!

And Colson came home with a new bike and helmet!

Three very happy kids!

On Sunday we headed to church! I think this might be the last Sunday of wearing shorts to church. The weather is cooling off and I love it!

Since the weather was so nice and Travis wasn't feeling great, I took the kids to the park to test out their new wheels! They had the best time and it was the perfect weather for it!

Home just in time to watch football and put together my new Halloween puzzle! I love, love, love putting together puzzles during the fall and winter. I found this one at Costco and it was a quick and super cute one to do. Peyton and Charlee both helped me with it. 

We ended our weekend with our favorite meal...finger steaks and fries!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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