Friday, October 6, 2023

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday!!! The kids are out of school today so my house is full of boys. They have friends over and it's going to be a good day!

Starting my mornings with coffee and my bible are my favorite. 
I don't always start it this way but I never regret it when I do.

My grandma made it back to Cascade after spending a lot of time down in Emmett. She sent us this picture and it's so beautiful. Knowing she is in her favorite place is my favorite. I'm so glad she's able to be up there and enjoy her time up there.

Festive outfits are my favorite! Charlee has more Halloween dresses than any other!Vivie & Ash is one of my favorite places to find holiday dresses.

A friend gave me a gift card and I started my week with a massage, my favorite!

Working on homework with this boy is my favorite. He is so eager to learn.

This girl always says, look how tired my eyes are. It is my favorite!

There is a group of moms at preschool drop off that love to visit and on this particular day, we stood in the rain for an hour! Visiting together is my favorite but the rain was not!

Miles is starting to come around more and more and it's everyone's favorite. 

We had internet ran to the shop and Peyton's favorite part was when he got to help!

These are my favorite neighbors!

Putting together packets for PTO with my favorite helper...

Charlee gets a new toy each month at preschool and this one is her favorite! It's easy, quick and fun!

This sweet boy slept on our floor of our room last night because hi brother had a sleepover with a friend. His snuggles are sure my favorite! 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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