Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Summer Highlights

 This summer I took a very large, unintentional break from blogging. I wanted to share some of our highlights from the summer because it was such a great one...

Colson was asked to play on a summer team again this year. It takes a lot of time, but we love watching him play and he enjoys it. 

He is one of two catchers on his team. I love watching him behind the plate. He is so fast!

Last year he really struggled to find confidence at bat, this year, he found it!

Peyton took every opportunity he had to go with Dad to deliver fuel!

Both of the boys attended Boise State football camp.

The kids enjoyed the Cherry Festival!

We took the boys to Denver. We went to two baseball games. My parents also joined us.

Charlee attended two dance camps and fell in love with dance!

We spent the Fourth of July in Cascade!

We started a very large project at the house....Travis's shop! I'll share more soon.

We spent a lot of time swimming with friends...

Travis and I celebrated eight years of marriage!

Peyton went to basketball open houses with the varsity basketball coach and players.

We were able to spend a little time with Aunt Sylvia, it's never enough time.

We went to Cruise Night as a family this year and the kids loved it!
Charlee's favorite part with hanging out with Millie!

My favorite part was cruising with Dad!

All three kids went to the dentist....

The boys and I went to Dude Perfect....

and had the most perfect time! :)

I was skeptical but it was worth every penny. The boys loved it!

We traveled to Lewiston for a baseball tournament and the boys had the best time!

Life of a much stuff!

I took the kids down to the fair to see all the animals.

Peyton finally got his Weiner dog.....kinda! We found this giant pillow and he loves it! Hotdog is now apart of the family. I have a feeling these stuffed animals will be the closest thing this boys gets to a dog.

All three kids took swimming lessons.

We went school shopping with Mom and Aunt Sylvia! 

I spent way too much time at the school helping to create a fun entry for the kids returning to school! I had so much fun and the kids were great helpers. They also loved running through the school and playing!

We celebrated the end of summer with Roaring Springs!

A day spent with friends was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer!

We had such a great summer. I'm looking forward to making fun memories this school year now!

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