Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Red, White, and Blue Fun

With the Fourth of July being on a Tuesday this year, Travis needed to work so he didn’t come with us. The kids and I loaded up and went to Cascade.
The kids love it up there and waste no time in finding fun. The swing is one of their favorite things!
Meanwhile, this is the perfect seat to read a book.
We ventured over to GG’s mountain and she showed us the new tree that’s growing…
And Colson climbed clear to the top of the climbing tree. Papa’s oak tree is the perfect climbing tree.
Jo made us dinner and all my kids were in heaven, eating corn! Their favorite!
Speaking of heaven, these two were very happy!
The perfect start to our 4th.
Jo and I took the kids down to the parade in town. There are so many people but it’s a great parade.
They have jets that fly over…
We came back to find that Papa had built us the perfect fire!
We spent our days outside and the boys had a makeshift baseball game so we all played!
Sister took a nap so she’d make it until fireworks.
GG came over for dinner and played with the kids!
The lot is so beautiful.
We ended our night watching fireworks…
I hope you had a fun and safe Fourth of July.

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