Thursday, July 6, 2023

Amazon Lately


My kids love eating apples and I really don't love cutting them so I found this slicer that is extra thin. We love it! The kids love having smaller slices to eat.

I saw this book and loved all the illustrations. The kids have enjoyed looking through it.

I grabbed this book to put out for the Fourth of July. I didn't have any great books for the holiday and this one is full of great information!

Both of my boys have some "special" footballs that they wanted me to hang so I bought these. They seem great and were inexpensive. I am going to order some for baseballs also.

These are my favorite hangers of all time.

I had a portable charger but it was several years old and not working great. I purchased this one so I wouldn't need to carry around cords also. It has been great! I've taken it on a couple trips. To charge it, you just plug it into the wall. I highly recommend.

During the summer, Colson plays at different baseball parks that usually have bleachers. It's really nice but not very comfortable. I bought these for Travis and I and I've used them once. I highly recommend. They are comfortable and easy to carry.

I grabbed this skirt for golfing and I love it so much! It's bright and fits great.

Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors so when she released her new book, I pre-ordered it from Amazon. It was okay, it wasn't one of my favorites. It was a very quick, summer read.

Happy Thursday and happy shopping!

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