Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Hawaii 2023

Several months ago when Travis and I were discussing his birthday, Hawaii came up. He said that if he had to turn 40, he’d like to wake up in Hawaii on his birthday.

So we booked our trip and that’s exactly where he woke up on his 40th birthday.

Off we went bright and early!

We arrived at our room in the afternoon to the most gorgeous view. 

We had to wake up at 2 in order to catch our flight and only consumed Cheese-its so after getting settled we headed to find something to eat. We ended up at Down the Hatch which was amazing! I love fish tacos and these were delicious.

We stayed on Front street in Lahaina. It was the perfect location. Front Street is full of shops and restaurants.

We went and sat at the bar in Cheeseburger in Paradise to enjoy the view and grab a drink.

The sweetest church in Lahaina.

The most beautiful sunset. We called it a day very early…

Waking up 40 in Hawaii….not a bad place to turn 40.

We went golfing on his birthday.

The course had incredible views.

Travis requested Duke’s for dinner. We ate at the same restaurant on our wedding night, on a different island.

Hula Pie for the birthday guy!

Everywhere we went had beautiful views.
Breakfast tastes better when you are looking at the ocean.

We went to the Sentry Tournament of Champions. This was our first PGA golf tournament experience.

I sat back while Travis was at the front, watching some of his favorite golfers…

And I ate way too many shave ice.

This course was beautiful. 

Headed to dinner…

At Captain Jack’s. It was a fun restaurant with great food.

On Thursday, we left our hotel early and made our way to Hana. We stopped several times along the way. The first stop was to check out these trees.

The trunks were so interesting.

Next up, this garden.

The plants were beautiful and I wished I was better at keeping plants alive because I’d love to fill my house with them! The size of this palm was incredible.

This was a 100 year old mango tree.

We walked around and checked out the plants and also the views. It was worth stopping at.

We then stopped for banana bread and some more incredible views. I mean, they just don’t get old.

There were several waterfalls along the road. They were all beautiful.

We tried a coconut and both decided it would be our last.

This little food truck might have been our favorite burger.
It might have been because we were so hungry but I’m still thinking about it. 

We stopped for vegan ice cream and it was interesting but actually pretty good! 

Next stop, the lava cave. We went down into the cave and walked around. The tunnel is so large that if you walked the entire thing, it would take you 27 hours.

We walked a small portion, the portion that was open and it was full of facts from when the cave was made. 

We stopped at a state park. The black sand beaches were beautiful along with just how lush it was.

Past the town of Hana, there is a waterfall that you can walk into. We made the two mile hike in and out without issues.

You walk through a bamboo forest. The bamboo makes the most amazing sound as the wind blows.

There are times when the fall is much larger, but it was still a cool waterfall.

The first three days were incredible. I’ll share the rest next week. Way too many pictures for one day.

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