Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Colson’s Birthday

Colson turned ten on Monday!

Lunch with Dad at his restaurant of choice, La Costs.

Then he opened his present.

Before his friends arrived, a quick picture!

His party was easy on my end. I threw up some decorations, ordered pizza, had some water and soda, and a donut cake.

Then we hired this gaming trailer. It was a huge hit and made it so easy. They played video games for two hours…

And they kids all loved the donuts. Easiest cake!

This is what the inside of the trailer looks like.

Such a fun group of kids. A few weren’t able to make it but I’m so glad that so many came to celebrate!

A huge success for our ten year old!

The best part for him…he gets to go see Dude Perfect when they come to Boise in July!

Now, I get a break from birthday parties for a few months!

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