Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been so busy. A holiday week is always crazy. Technically Halloween isn’t until Monday but all the fun started yesterday.

Here’s some favorites from our week…

This week is Red Ribbon week and dress up days have passed along to my boys! It makes me so happy that they enjoy dressing up. My favorite day was wear your sunglasses. These boys are too cool for drugs!

Charlee had her Halloween party in preschool and she rocked the dancing and singing. She is so reserved and shy at school, so different than at home. Watching her have fun and come out of her shell a little bit is my favorite!

We are working hard on tracing her name. She insisted on doing it upside down. Seeing how much she’s improved is my favorite because when we started I thought she may never catch on.

I hosted bookclub last night! Hosting people is my favorite! I love any excuse to fill my home with people, bake or cook for them, and enjoy their company.

October’s book is always a thriller and I love a theme…

I had lemonade with strawberry daiquiri mixer in shots. With a side of fangs for the drink. There were some other not as fun options too.

I had frozen gloves with water so we could have hands in the ice bucket! My children thought this was the best part!

I made a small charcuterie board complete with a skeleton, spiders, eyeballs, and teeth!

The pumpkin spice cake was one that I’ve wanted to try for almost two years but I’d gotten so burnt out on cakes. I finally felt like baking just because I wanted to and it was so good!!! Pumpkin pie but make it a cake…

Okay, this is how I’m currently feeling about my week…naps are my favorite but usually when I’m the one sleeping.

I can almost see the finish line for the week. I just need to make it through two more class parties and a trunk or treat today. Then I’ll be in my sweats and eating pizza!

I hope you have the best Friday and weekend!

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