Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Pantry Update

We’ve lived in our home for five years and I still love our home. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally want to change things or decorate differently. I decided to make some small changes in hopes of having big impacts and I started with our pantry.

Here’s what our pantry looked like when we first moved in.

The walls were painted the same as the rest of the house. The open shelves are still a feature that I love. It reminds me of my favorite TV show, Friends!

The other side has our microwave, sink, and counter space for all the small appliances.

To brighten things up, I added lemon wallpaper and love it so much! It just makes me happy every time I walk past.

I didn’t change anything with the shelves, they still house all of our pantry food. I have moved the baking supplies and food to a specific cabinet in the kitchen so it’s convenient for me while I’m making cakes.

The other side looks about the same also…

But look at the lemons!!
Don’t they just make you happy?! I learned several things about wallpaper. It’s best on smooth walls. We have a light texture and you can see the texture through the wallpaper. I used a squeegee but a damp sponge was suggested. It helps push out the bubbles. 

Also, it’s not a one person job. I really wished I had someone helping me. I thought it was a small enough space, but it’s a two person job!

Overall, I’m very happy with our updated pantry!

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