Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Let's Look: Closet

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm linking up with Shay and Erika today to share closet organization.

Today we're looking at how we organize our closet. I don't think I've ever shared our closet before. When we were building our home, this is one area that we changed a couple of times.

I'm so happy we made the changes. This space works perfectly for us!

I'm just sharing my side(s) of the closet. We have a large window in there with gives so much natural light. I keep all my bags on the top shelf and shoes on the right side.

The best part of our closet is the area I have to get ready. Travis suggested adding this last minute and I'm so glad!

Here are a few things I do to help me keep it organized.

1. Organize by type and color: I hang all my shirts by color. Hang all my dresses together by color. Keep all my sweatshirts together on the shelf. All of my pants are kept on shelves under the window. 

2. Keep shoes in original boxes or placed on shelves: I Try and keep all my shoes in their original boxes. Sometimes they don't come in boxes so I just line them up on the shelves. 

3. Drawers: I keep all my sandals in the drawers so they are together. I also use the set of drawers under the counter to keep hair tools and hair products. I don't like a lot on the counters so I conceal as much as possible.

So those are just a couple things I do to keep my closet organized!


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Jennibell said...

Lucky you, having a place to get ready in your closet!! What a great addition :)