Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What’s Up Wednesday

I can’t believe today is the last day of august. With this in school and sports, like zooms by. Thankfully we’re getting into a routine and everyone is enjoying school!

I’m sharing What’s Up Wednesday!

Corn on the cob! My kids love corn! We get it from a local farmer and it’s delicious! I’m not sure we don’t done eat more of it!?

The first day of school has me reminiscing about years past.

They grow way too fast!

I wallpapered my pantry this week and I love it! It just makes me happy!

I’ll share details next week!

Football started! Colson is playing optimist again this year. He loves it and we love watching him! Travis is also helping coach. It’s a huge time commitment but he does a great job! 

The weather still being 100°! I’m ready for fall!

Although, I do love all the time my kids spend outside!
Playing and burning energy, hard to beat!

I made this cute cake last week for a baby shower! I have taken a couple cake orders this fall and I’m having fun making them!

Pumpkins! I got out a few pumpkins and bought some mums at Costco! I’m not all in yet, but as soon as the weather cools down, I’ll finished getting all the pumpkins out!

Travis and I started House of the Dragon and it’s only two episodes in but really good so far!

I’m not reading anything at the moment but just finished The Only Plane in the Sky. It was a great read and perfect time, just before 9/11.

I just finished listening to this podcast that Brooke, from Nesting with Grace recommended. I’m not LDS but still found it so encouraging!

I love this fun trucker hat from 
Pepper and Rose even though I don’t wear a lot of hats, this one is my new favorite!

We have family coming into town so we’re having a bbq but there’s nothing else on the agenda for our long weekend!!

Vacation!!! Travis and I are finally going on a vacation, just the two of us and I can’t wait! I bet you have no idea where we’re going…😉

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

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