Monday, July 18, 2022

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was so good. I’m sad it’s over because we had so much fun! Lots of time with family and friends!

We started our weekend swimming with friends! I took this yummy dessert board for all the kids to grab frrom while swimming.

These cute cousins had the best time!

We left that party and headed down the road to a friend's birthday party!

Love these friendships! Happy birthday, Cooper!

I went with girlfriends to Sara Evans and it was so much fun!

Meanwhile, the kids stayed with Dad and I got this sweet picture!

Saturday morning came early. We headed to the park to walk around the show and shine to look at all the old cars...

Saturday night we took the kids to my parents' house and went to the cruise.

Having the '54 has really brought some fun into our lives that I didn't know we were missing out on!

Sunday we took the boys to the Boise Hawk's game.

Peyton got a ball!

And Colson was the bat boy! It was fun to watch him...and he loved being down with the players.

Peyton was selected to play the Price is Right!

He won a bag of Oreos to share!

Colson was selected to brush the bases!

We were all exhausted after our fun weekend! I hope you had the best weekend!

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