Monday, July 11, 2022

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was perfect. I don’t think I ever start a weekend review and don’t say it was busy, fun, perfect, or use anything other than good adjectives to describe it. So thankful for that!

Anyways, here’s some of our highlights!

Another quick trip to the dam so the littles could swim!

We met cousins up there and packed a lunch!

Colson spent some time with GG and Papa Les. He found my Mom’s old bike and rode it everywhere!

This is one of my favorite views! I never get tired going up to my in-laws’ place in Cascade!

We napped…

Climbed trees…

Played with toys!

And spent so much time outside! The kids explored and tan around. It was the best!

We took a drive and Charlee was so tired!

The last time we took this drive, I was pregnant with Peyton and we carved our initials in this tree, so we added Charlee’s! It’s fun to bring the kids back.

Made it to the top!

Seven years between! I love my family!

Cute boys, waiting for dinner!

We spotted wildlife!

I wasn’t kidding when I say the kids had the best time and were filthy dirty when we got home!

Three happy kiddos!

Headed home. We’re all very tired at this point!

The boys brought home their bow and arrows that GG made them. They were practicing while I made dinner!

One last thing, I made these peanut butter bars when we got home and if you like peanut butter, you should try them!
@nestingwithgrace posted the recipe this weekend and I knew I needed to try them!

I hope you had a great week!

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