Thursday, July 7, 2022

4th of July Weekend

Hello, friends! I'm finally getting around to sharing our forth of July weekend! It was a busy weekend, mostly consisting of baseball.

The kids and I headed to the park on Friday afternoon for pictures...

and then I let them play since they did great for pictures!

We headed to baseball and watched a very hard game. The boys lost but Colson had a good game. We needed to lift his spirits a little so we headed for...

Mexican food! Doesn't Mexican food just make everyone feel better?!

Saturday morning started early, back at the ballpark!

She's the best little sister!

Saturday night we met some friends at the Easton Corbin concert in town. 

It was such a great date night!

Nothing like an early morning after a late night....

Colson got to catch in his game, my favorite to watch!

So thankful for Mamas with photography skills!

The boys took first place in the tounament!

Proud of our boy!

Lunch before heading home and Charlee got the perfect fortune cookie!

She also got to ride in the fuel truck with Dad for the first time!

We had a very low key fourth of July! We stayed in our pajamas for most of the day...

We took naps....

Ate the most festive snack!

And drank coffee!

We had a great bbq with Jo and Papa Kim!

We also played a game of t-ball as a family. 

There was zero competition or tears...(insert eye roll)
Our family is way too competitive to play games together!

We were all in bed early only to get out of bed approximately 50 times because someone was scared...

They were a bit closer than I expected! But Charlee Jo and I enjoyed watching from the front porch!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th!


Anonymous said...

Charlee looks so cute in her fourth dress

Jocelynn Webb said...

Thank you! I love these dresses!