Thursday, June 23, 2022

Florida - Part TWO

Day three was at Hollywood Studios! When we walked into the park, we saw a giant dinosaur and so of course we needed to take our one and only group picture of the trip!

We aren't Star Wars fans but this was amazing! 
Most of the rides were virtual ride, which I personally wasn't a fan of. 

Most of the characters were out walking around and you could take your picture with them.

Next up, Toy Story!

We saw the cars from the Cars movie and took a little break to watch a show.

Peyton and I got to meet Olaf! He gave us a nice warm hug....

And then we stopped for coffee because we both needed a little pick me up!

Doesn't everyone take a picture with the gas pumps!? Just us? ;)

We didn't spend as much time at Hollywood Studios. We tried to rest in the afternoon so we could be ready for a full day at Universal.

The most anticipated day of the trip for this guy!!!

We headed straight to Harry Potter world when we entered the park. We had early entry into Universal Adventure Island so we spent the entire day there.

Our first ride was Hagrid's Motorbike. We stood in line for a long time but the ride was so much fun and worth the wait!

We had to try butterbeer and it was so good!

The boys both got a new wand that was interactive at different places in the park.

The details were so amazing and you always had things to look at while waiting in line.
Colson wanted to go into the candy shop to buy a chocolate frog!

We made our way over to Jurassic Park!

The rides at Adventure Island were my favorite! There was a lot of water....

We were soaked! But it was hot so no one minded!

They couldn't complain about being hot!

This picture is a perfect description of our trip between these two. Holding hands, walking, and Peyton asking his Dad all the questions!

There were several rides that Peyton wasn't able to ride so I took him to Dr. Seuss land and we enjoyed some calmer rides.

The view from the rides were bad either...

So many photo opportunities!

We ate at Disney Spring, The Boathouse, on this night and it was our favorite! The meal was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible. They had dueling pianos! 

Peyton couldn't keep up and almost fell asleep while eating.

Another successful day!

Last day was at Universal Studios!

The boys and I didn't know anything about the Simpson's but Travis thought it was hilarious! 

We checked out London....

And then walked right into Harry Potter world!

We found Hagrid's moterbike again!

And we were able to ride the Hogwarts Express.

I loved watching Colson experience Harry Potter. He loved every single minute we were there.

The boys loved The Fast and the Furious too!

We had to take a picture in front of Central Park to send to Mrs. Howe since she's from New York!

We all really enjoyed Universal! The rides were more thrill rides, which we all love!
Peyton was so tired after each day, but did a great job of keeping up in the parks. We walked over 40 miles last week and he walked every single one of them!

I hope these boys had the best time and made memories that they will always remember!

Our flight home was early on Sunday morning and we all were able to get some sleep on the plane.

Almost home!

And still so tired!

Reunited and so happy to be home!

Next week, I'll share a few things I took away from our trip. There were a few things I would do differently and some things that worked great! Overall, we had the best time!

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