Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Flordia - Part ONE

 Last week was such a fun vacation for the boys and Travis and I. We decided to take them to Disney World and Universal with another family. We made so many memories. 

Charlee Jo got to stay the entire week at Grandma Jo and Papa Kim's house!

She was excited, which made the drop off so much easier!

Bright and early to the airport!

We had two flights and on the first flight, I got to sit beside Colson.
He let me hold his hand during take off, although I think he needed to!

Across the aisle, Travis, Peyton, and Doggy! This was Peyton's first plane ride and he loved it!

Off to catch the next plane. Our second flight was long. Travis sat by the boys and I was behind them.

Hello, Flordia!

Our friends were already at the resort so when we arrived, we dropped our bags and headed to grab dinner. The resort was really nice with a lot of walking paths.

The view from our condo was great. We could see all the fireworks from the Disney parks!

Day one at Disney and these boys were excited!

We spent two days at Magic Kingdom.

Both days we arrived before the park opened and watched the performance from the characters at the castle. Peyton was still young enough that he really enjoyed all the "magical" things that his brother wasn't interested in.

Travis took us to It's a Small World for our first ride and the boys were questioning if Disney was all that great....

I love vacationing with him!

The rest of the day was spent waiting in lines and riding rides!

We ate our way through the parks....

These boys had so much fun!

In the afternoon, we went into a show to cool off and take a break. 
Check out who made it on the big screen...

The boys' favorite ride was Pirates' of the Caribbean so when we ran into Captain Jack Sparrow, they were so excited!

I enjoyed all the Mickey shaped food!

We stayed for fireworks and these boys were tired!

The park is magical anytime of day but at night, it was so special!

Such a great first day!

Day two! We started at Splash Mountain and I quickly wondered why I even bothered doing my hair. Between the humidity and the water, it was pointless!

There were a lot of parades that went around the park through out the day. We had to stop and wave to my favorite characters!

Peyton and I waited in line to meet.......

Mickey Mouse!!!

After we met him, Peyton informed me he wasn't the real Mickey Mouse, we just met someone dressed up as the real Mickey Mouse. I was a little crushed but still happy that he wanted to meet him.

The best pickle! We ate really late this evening so we grabbed snacks late afternoon.

Our dinner reservations were at Be Our Guest. I had seen so many people say how amazing it was but we were unimpressed. I thought it was very expensive for not great food and the experience was nothing special.

The boys did enjoy painting their dessert.

And heading back to the resort was a shoulder load for Dad. But that's the sign of a great day!

I'll be back to share more tomorrow!

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