Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Spring Favorites


Hey, hey Tuesday!

I am becoming a big fan of spring. I've always said that fall is my favorite season, but spring is closely behind. I love the colors and new life. 

With all of the spring flowers and baseball, how can I not be in love with spring!

I thought I'd share my favorite things to keep on hand for spring. These are things that I use daily or at least several times a week.

Some of my favorite sunglasses come from Quay. They are always running a sale, they are a great price point, and they fit great!

I've used this sunless tanner for years and I love the color it gives and it's full of clean ingredients. I use both the body and face lotions and I've never had issues!

These are currently my favorite pair of Birkenstocks but I also have my eye one these....I wear them almost daily. They are perfect for running around chasing kids or going to baseball games.

I joined the belt bag club a couple years ago and they make my life so much easier! Hands free with three kids is the best. I love that they are small, but still fit everything I need.

The best bag to carry to the pool, baseball games, school, basically everywhere! I love my Bogg Bags. I have plenty but also love all the colors and can you really have too many?!

I am terrible about applying sun screen but I do love Supergoop. I love that you can get it with a pump to make it easier to apply all the kids.

I love my bright watch band for spring! It just makes me happy. Changing out something so simple can add some color to your wardrobe! I love the yellow!

Okay, the last thing that I actually wear year round, is my face sunscreen! It's so important and I love this brand because it goes on clear and doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all.

What is your must have item for spring? 

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