Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Let's Look: Date Night Ideas!

 Happy Wednesday, friends!

It's the April edition of Let's Look on Shay and Erika's blog and so I'm linking up with them today!

So today is all about...How you plan and do date nights!

In all honesty, this is what most of our Saturday nights look like. We have three kids. We don't go on a date every weekend. But that doesn't mean we don't still carve time to be together.

I love going on dates with this guy. Looking back to find pictures for this post, most of the pictures we have together are on vacation. What do I love more than a date night...a weekend away. Preferably watching some kind of sporting event and in Denver.

We live in the same town as family. Our kids have both sets of grandparents and my aunt who always are kind enough to watch our kids. I can't tell you the last time we got a sitter. If we do go out on a date, we grab dinner and normally head home. We've seen a small handful of movies together but love just visiting with each other over dinner without being interrupted a dozen times by our kids.

Last year, we were fortunate enough to travel to Denver a handful of times and we enjoyed baseball games and drinks on the different patio restaurants. Those are my very favorite weekends. An entire weekend with just the two of us, or even another couple. 

Whenever there is an event that we're attending, it's 100% considered a date night. Even though we may be in a room full of other people, we are getting adult time, spent together. We attend the Rotary Youth Auction each year and have the best time. Unfortunately, it's been canceled the last two years but we're looking forward to attending this year.

Another activity we really enjoy is golfing together. We golfed regularly on a couples league before Colson was playing baseball, but we still enjoy going out together and playing a few holes.

Going out with friends is so fun too! This was taken in San Francisco but even just dinner locally is great! Most of our friends have kids so it's not always easy, but it's so fun when it works out! We even just have friends over for drinks so we can hang out. We love concerts and things we can mark on our calendars way in advance in order to plan. But we also love a last minute date!

Anytime I'm spending with Travis is my favorite! I love our weekend trips away, our last minute dinner dates, or just time spent together after the kids are in bed. I will say that making your marriage a priority is the most important thing. I want my kids to know that their dad is my number one. I want them to know how much we love each other and support one another. I think it's so healthy for my kids to see us happy and showing each other love. So even if we can't have an elaborate date night, those conversations while sitting on the couch after we put our kids to bed are just as important!

I hope you have the best Wednesday! I'm headed to watch Colson play baseball in the snow!


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