Friday, April 8, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today is an exciting day, it’s opening day of baseball! I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorites from the week. 

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I’m excited to watch my favorite baseball team play this afternoon! I’ll be at home, on the patio watching, but still very excited that is baseball season! 

My favorite preschoolers rode the bus this week to check out kindergarten! What?! I can’t believe they start kindergarten in the fall. I’m not ready to send Peyton off to school everyday, all day! But he is ready!

I mean. So big and handsome!

Love these sweet friendships!

We went to Dad’s work to tell him all about the field trip and he needed a hand so Peyton jumped right in. Peyton loves being around his Dad! 

Charlee Jo is recovering from croup. I hate when my babies are sick but having Jo to snuggle them when I can’t is my favorite (and theirs)! I’m so thankful for grandparents and living so close to family!

Our favorite kitty is becoming a lot more comfortable with our loud and crazy crew. We were watching a show before bed one night this week and he joined the party.

I was worried this might never happen, but he’s adjusted so well and continues to become more comfortable.

I made a couple of cakes this week, and this one was so simple but I loved how it turned out!

And this fun monster cake is my favorite!

When Charlee Jo let’s me curl her hair, it’s my favorite!
 It’s getting so long.

Peyton’s new favorite game is Mouse in the House.

It can be very simple and quick or you can change it and make it more of a challenge. We played it yesterday afternoon on the front porch while Charlee slept.

And another quick round before bed!

Even Charlee played a round with us. We just played the simple version and she had no problem playing with us!

And my last favorite for the day is enjoying ice cream from Roe Ann’s! GG sent the kids a couple dollars for a treat and the weather was perfect last night so we took advantage to sit out and enjoy!

That wraps up this week of favorites! I’m off to cheer on the Rockies and get a kiddo off to school!

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