Thursday, April 7, 2022

Day in the Life: Spring Break Edition

 Since spring break has ended, I feel like we've been so busy. With spring sports and the nice weather, our schedules haven't been empty. I love the fast pace and busyness.

Here's a look at one day during spring break. A Wednesday, to be exact...

Up bright and early, even on spring break!

Made it to the gym for the 5 am class.

Home at 6:15 for coffee and load my diffuser full of oils for the day.

And then it's my quiet time. I spend about 45 minutes reading my bible, doing my bible study, and sometimes reading another book that goes along with my study. I always have a friend...

Showered and ready for the day before 8:30. 

First stop...making my bed and opening my blinds!

The kids were playing and I was...

making breakfast. I loved being able to make a hot breakfast during spring break.

We sit and eat breakfast and go through a children's devotional book, work on prayer memorization, and read a story from the children's bible.

Next up...chores for the kids!

While they did their  chores, I secretly packed our bags for the night.

The kids played outside while I did some laundry.

And I listened to a podcast.

Off to run some errands....

A stop at the eye doctor for some new frames for Peyton...

the car wash....

We had lunch with our family, just like every Wednesday. I forgot to take pictures....

After that I told the kids we needed to run to Target but surprised them with a hotel instead!

We checked in and changed into swimming suits...

And quickly made our way to the pool!

We swam for a couple hours before they were starving!

Sister fell asleep while we were waiting for our table at Texas Roadhouse....

We had the best dinner together!

Grabbed ice cream on the way back to the hotel!

We changed back into our swimming suits and went back to the pool for a late night swim!

The kids were so tired. We went and got ready for bed and sister and I painted our nails...

And watched Dude Perfect on TV!

We called it a night just before ten, and we were all so tired!

This was obviously not a normal day. We tried to have a few fun experiences over spring break to make things fun and different! I will say the best thing I did during spring break was take all social media off of my phone. I was so present and had the best time with my family!

I hope you had a great spring break with your family. Now, only a couple months before SUMMER!

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