Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Three Things

 Today I'm sharing three things about everyone in the family. Just little things that I don't want to forget.

Dancing Shoes
Charlee Jo loves to dance. We spend a lot of time having impromptu dance parties. I hope she's always this carefree. She has a special pair of "dancing shoes" although I have no idea where she came up with that. When she's dancing, she needs her dancing shoes.

Mom is still her favorite but the second person on that list is Brooke. Brooke is her number one person on the invitation list for her upcoming birthday and someone she asks about often. Did I mention that Brooke is 10 years older than Charlee Jo?! The sweetest!

We've recently taken up snowmobiling as a family and sister loves it. It may be the only time she prefers her Dad over her mom. He goes fast and jumps so she wants nothing to do with me while we're out on the mountain.

Peyton has asked Travis for over a month to take him to the store to buy me flowers for Valentine's Day. He never forgot and it was the cutest thing. He was beyond excited to surprise me!

Peyton got his glasses in December and we were concerned with how he would do keeping them on and remembering them. He has done amazing. He takes such great care of them and he never fights us to wear them although we know he doesn't love having them.

Peyton has been in speech for a few months and last week he "graduated" from speech. He has improved so much in such a short amount of time. He is constantly stopping and asking how to say a word or self correcting. Our speech therapist has been amazing!

Colson loves baking brownies. Anytime we have people over or are going somewhere, he asks to make brownies. I love that he enjoys it, I just wish he enjoyed cleaning up the mess just as much!

Colson starts baseball this weekend and we're all so excited! Colson has said that baseball is his favorite sport to play and it's my favorite to watch. 

History Club
Colson was signed up for history club for an after school club and fell in love. He has a guy teacher, which he thinks is the greatest thing ever. He comes home talking about what they learned that week and said he wishes it was everyday and not just once a week. 

I never in my life thought I'd own a snowmobile. I'm 32, and own a snowmobile. Travis searched for the perfect sled for me and it showed up at our house a couple weeks ago. The previous owner put a custom wrap on it and we all laugh about how terrible it looks. We went for the first time a couple weeks ago and had the best time. I think I'm really going to enjoy it!

We shockingly got a Siamese mix cat and his name is Miles. Travis named him after the Denver Broncos mascot, very fitting for our family. He stays under our bed all day until the kids go to bed then he comes out and won't leave us alone. He stays up most of the night and is extremely loud but we're getting used to having a furry friend around!

Coach Travis
I mentioned earlier that baseball starts this weekend and Travis is coaching. I love that he is dedicated to our kids. He helped coach last year and really enjoyed it so I'm excited for this season!

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