Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! After what seemed like the longest week, we’ve made it to the weekend! I still don’t feel caught up from being on vacation. This weekend starts our crazy spring schedule but I’m excited for baseball!

Sleeping pictures of my kiddos will always be my favorite and this one of Charlee is precious!

We had a family night at the shop this week to work on snowmobiles and the kids favorite parts was getting sprayed with air before going home to try and clean them up a bit.

The little kids and I went with Travis this week to get parts. We went to lunch and their side of the table was looking extremely handsome…

While my favorite little lady was on my side!

Miles is still everyone’s favorite and he’s coming out more. He joined a family snuggle session on the bed which made the kids very happy.

This girl coming out of her room with lotion on her face saying she was Santa was extremely funny but cleaning up all the lotion was not my favorite! Kids!

Lunch with Kacie was my kids favorite! It’s been awhile since they’ve seen her so they both had to sit close enough they could touch her the entire time.

Finally, Valentine’s Day parties!
On Tuesday we had Peyton’s party in pre-k!

I attended Colson’s party in third grade on Monday!

And we celebrated Valentine’s as a family on Monday!

I hope you’ve had a great week! 

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