Monday, December 13, 2021

Weekend Happies

This weekend was full and sweet. It was full of things that made me so happy. First up was a morning full of fun at the Children’s Museum. Peyton wants to ride a real horse so bad but he was just as excited to to sit on a saddle!

And sister was so happy to have a doll house to play with..

These two had fun for hours just playing…

An extra large slice of cheese pizza for lunch made this cutie happy. And full tummies made me happy!

Saturday was Colson’s last basketball game. They had a tough game but it’s been so much fun watching him play.

Saturday night was our company work party. Nothing makes me happier than going through life with Travis. It was a great night with everyone.

Sunday morning, the kids and I went to visit Santa. We took Jo with us and she gave Charlee Jo the best pep talk which resulted in no tears! The kids were excited to see him and those smiles remind me why all the traditions are so important to keep.

We had to stop and see all the animals…

The kids loved coloring their bags that they got from Santa. This scene, while making dinner, made me so happy.

I hope you had a great weekend!
Happy Monday, friends!

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