Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Life Lately

Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re enjoying our break and loving the time together.

Before break I helped in Colson’s class make gingerbread houses…

I love being able to be apart of all these memories.

Travis and I had a lunch date with Peyton!

Peyton made his snowman for school…

Worth the mess…

We barely made it to Christmas break…we were ready for slow mornings.

We’ve been doing a lot of painting and crafting.

We raced into Christmas break…

Since Christmas, we’ve put together Legos…

Went to the doctor only to discover Charlee No has another double ear infection.

Took care of our babies…

And deep cleaned the kids’ room!

We finally got around to decorating the cookies that Aunt Emily gave the kids.

Taylor taught the boys how to play Nintendo 64!

And I’m working hard to get our Chris decorations down. Our main tree is slowing giving up….

Have a great day!

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