Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 Year in Review

I can’t believe we’re almost done with 2021. This year has been full of really fun memories. I’m going to share our highlights with today!


We rang in the new year at home with friends!

We celebrated Travis turning another year older!

Peyton turned four and requested a cake with Papa Kim on it. We celebrated with a construction party!

Peyton and my mom share a birthday so we celebrated both of them on their birthday!

Peyton turned 8 on the 16th!

We celebrated with friends at the bowling alley!

We went and saw the elk with my family.


Charlee Jo got the all clear for a year with her kidneys!

Her urologist was so happy with her progress!

It snowed a lot and we played in it!

Celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family but extra thankful for my Valentine.

Peyton had a field trip to Altitude trampoline park!


The sun came out and we spent a lot of time outside!

Travis had his gallbladder removed!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day!

We enjoyed spring break with lots of cousin time!

And bowling…

We became 100% owners of our business! So proud of my husband for all of his hard work.


Colson started Little League. It was a very hard season to watch but I loved watching him.

We celebrated Easter.

We traveled to our favorite city with Kent and Lindsey to watch the Rockies play. It was such a great weekend. And really, the beginning of great friendships.

GG and Papa Les came home from Arizona!


Peyton had another field trip to Babby Farms.

I wrecked my car. Not a highlight but I feel like the importance of it deserves a spot. 😝

Travis and I are went to Las Vegas for him to bowl in a tournament.

The kids and I did our best to spread the word for people to
vote yes on the school bond, however, it failed.

Peyton completed preschool!

My peonies bloomed and I had more than I knew what to do with!!! So many beautiful flowers.

Our sweet Charlee Jo turned 2 with a Minnie Mouse party!

Colson completed 2nd grade!

Papa Les had a stoke and spent a month in rehab. He came home in June and all his great grandkids made him a sign!

Korri came for a visit and I’m always so thankful she makes time to visit us!

The kids took swimming lessons!

Charlee Jo decided she wanted to use the potty.

Travis and I took the boys to Meridian Speedway to watch the races.

The boys attended vacation Bible school at church!

Lots of cousin time!

We had a great time at the Cherry Festival!

We enjoyed time in Cascade!

Enjoying our favorite view!


We had pictures taken for the 4th and they might be my favorite of all time!

Travis and I took a quick trip to Denver to watch some more baseball!

We also celebrated 6 years of marriage since we wouldn’t be able to have a date on our anniversary.

Travis and Peyton took great care of the lawn.

We took the boys on a road trip…

with a pit stop in McCall to enjoy some time on the lake!

Another stop for dinner and a celebration drink since it was on our anniversary!

Final destination…Silverwood! We went with the Littles and had the best time!

More time spent with cousins, swimming!

A trip to the movies with GG!


We help a friend celebrate her 40th birthday and I was able to make her a cake!

Travis had his 20 year class reunion.

My mom and I took the boys school shopping!

We took a trip to San Francisco with Mike and Kacie.
We crossed off a bucket list item to visit Alcatraz.

Watched baseball.

And toured the city!

The boys went to Montana with my parents and grandparents!

Colson went to open house.

Colson started tackle football!

Colson started 3rd grade!

Travis and I went to a conference in Sun Valley.

We went fishing.

And Colson got Covid so we were the quarantine crew. We did our best to have fun!

Peyton worked with Dad!

Peyton started Pre-K!

We went to the eye doctor!

Dad brought his girls flowers.

We enjoyed the Homecoming festivities.

Charlee Jo had a ruptured ear drum and was happy as could be….

Peyton had a field trip to the fire station! He got to see both of his favorite fire fighters, Mike and Uncle Daniel!

The boys had a successful deer hunt.

Travis brought home his elk from last year…

Travis and I went to a Boise State Football game.

Peyton worked with Travis again but this time they had matching outfits.

We took the boys to Monster Jam!

We carved pumpkins!

Family pictures were taken.

Another field trip to Kovick Farms.

Kacie and I hosted bookclub with a charcuterie board.

GG and Papa Les went back to Arizona.

The kids went trick or treating.

Travis and I made our way back to Denver!
This time we watched an Avalanche game.

Saw Peyton Manning accept his award.

And attended a Bronco game.

Colson started basketball!

And always had a great cheering section.

Peyton had a Thanksgiving feast at school.

Colson did an excellent job at his boat challenge!

Travis and Colson worked hard together to make a catapult for the NASA challenge at school.

We had the best Thanksgiving!

I turned another year older, celebrating with friends!

Mikey returned for another year of Christmas mischief.

We had our second annual cousin cookie decorating party.

Papa Kim got Peyton a new toy! It’s been so much fun for all the kids!

Kacie and I hosted another bookclub with another charcuterie board!

Three Christmas bookclubs with these ladies!

I attended a favorite things party!

Travis and I had our company work party!

The kids and I attended Christmas Eve service.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Travis’s family!

My family came over on Christmas Day along with Travis’s parents.

This year was full. We experienced highs and lows but I’m choosing to remember the good as we end this year. I hope as you look back over the year, you are reminded how many blessings you have.

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