Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Weekend in Denver

 Travis and I snuck away for the weekend and headed to our favorite city, Denver.

So ready to get on our flight!!!!

So, we walked down to the stadium....It's always such a fun experience. For me, it never gets old.

We checked out where the ceremony was going to be for Peyton Manning...

We didn't have any plans for Saturday night. We found out the Avalanche had a home game and we were able to score some great seats last minute!
The walk is always my favorite...

A very last minute decision that turned out to be so much fun!

This is our second Avalanche game and it was a great time. They were playing a rival so the energy was great. I couldn't believe how many people were dressed up for Halloween.

It was a great way to spend the evening...

And they won!

On Sunday, we ate at one of our favorite breakfast spots and then headed to the stadium.
An outtake but also very appropriate of us before the game! ;)

We showed up just in time....

To get front row, standing, location to watch Peyton accept his orange jacket and unveil his Ring of Fame Pillar.

It was fun to see his parents and John Elway. Along with a few more great people in the football world.

Peyton seems like a very likable guy and I was so glad we made the decision to attend this event.

Peyton's son awarded him the orange jacket.

We watched as Peyton removed the cover of his pillar...

Unfortunately, we were unable to get close to the pillar. Next time...

Into the stadium to watch the game!

They had five skydivers at this game. It's so fun to watch them jump out of the plane right above you and then fly onto the field.

The energy at the games is unlike anything else. It's so much fun. I always think I'll get tired of going but after attending after missing last year...I can't wait to go back!

Even the Bronco cheerleaders got into the Halloween spirit!

During half time, they had another small ceremony for Peyton and unveiled his name inside the stadium.

The game was a great one to watch, seeing how we won!

We made the trip so we could watch the ceremonies and it was amazing.

After the game we headed to dinner and watched the World Series game.

We had an amazing weekend with a lot of sports...but we were so excited to get home to our kiddos. Our flight ended up being delayed two hours so it was a long day but we made it!

I hope you had a great Halloween weekend!

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