Monday, November 15, 2021

Weekend Happies

Today’s weekend happies post is going to be short and sweet because our weekend was full and I’m trying to get prepared for a very busy week ahead.

First up- my new Thanksgiving mug that makes me extra happy while drinking coffee. Anthropology always has the best mugs and this one is perfection.

Cheering on Colson in his two basketball games made me happy. The boys are so fun to watch and play so hard.

This cute girl, cheering on her brother made me all sorts of happy!

A little time at the park between basketball games make these kids happy!

We tried out a burger joint in Parma and this side of the table made me all sorts of happy…

And my side of the table made me just as happy!

Coloring with Aunt Sylvia made Peyton and Charlee Jo so happy! We love when she's in Idaho...

Sunday morning snuggles with my girl. We decided to stay home from church this weekend and get out to-do list done and prepare for our week. The extra snuggles made me happy!

The kids asked to paint my toes and they turned out...interesting...but it made them happy so it was worth it!

I went into check on this cute girl during her nap and seeing her napping with her babies made me happy. She loves her babies so much.

The weather outside was amazing this weekend and it allowed the boys to be outside all day, which made me happy because I was able to get my stuff done and they were able to burn some energy.

This sunset made me all kinds of happy....

Happy Monday, friends!

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