Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Gift Guide: Girls

 Today is my favorite gift guide. I have enjoyed shopping for Charlee Jo so much this year. It was so fun put thing guide together.

Charlee Jo and Peyton both play with this flower garden  when they're at the babysitter's house. I think it will be well loved at our house. Charlee Jo is stacking everything right now, so it's perfect for her!

We rarely leave the house without a baby and these babies are so cute. I love that it has both genders.

Charlee Jo is really into doing my hair right now. She loves to brush it and put pony tails in it. I thought this Elsa doll head would be great for her to play with.

Jelly Cat stuffed animals are my favorite! They are so soft and this bunny has always been my favorite.

Magna Tiles are a toy that the kids reach for all the time. They can build so many things with them and this set is great! I keep them in a bag, in the car, so I can take them in the gym while Colson is at practice. We also play with them on the garage doors in the summer. These are my favorite toy!

Charlee got this shopping cart for her birthday and it is played with daily. If Charlee Jo isn't playing with it, the boys are pushing it around. It is well made and something we'll have for a long time.

 How cute is this bike? I love the basket on the front and the baby chair on the back. Charlee loves riding the Stride Rider bike but this will be so fun to watch her and her babies.

This pizza shop is also well loved at our house. Peyton got it last year and both him and Charlee play with it. I love Melissa and Doug toys. The quality is great and it encourages imaginary play.

All three kids are getting new a helmet this year. I love these because they can each get a different color but it can grow with them. Charlee is wearing her brothers' old one right now and she doesn't seem to mind but the pink will be perfect for our pink loving girl!

I thought this rainbow stacker was so cute and would be great on a bookcase when it's not being played with.

We don't leave the house without a hair bow and I love these because Charlee wears pigtails everyday! The price is awesome and I might throw them in her stocking!

I love this espresso machine. The kids love making coffee this would be so much fun. I could see Peyton playing with this also.

Charlee Jo plays with her kitchen everyday. I love this kitchen and the simplicity of it!

We have a similar ice cream shop and this is another favorite at our house!

HAPPY Tuesday and happy shopping, friends!

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