Thursday, September 23, 2021

Day in the Life: Back to School Edition

Happy Thursday, friends! This posts remain my favorite so I figured I’d share another day in the life! The last time I shared, we were stuck at home so this was more like a normal day for us!

My alarm went off dark and early….

I checked to make sure my blog uploaded and then read a couple of my favorites…

Before making it to the gym….

Home from the gym about 6:15 with coffee and 45 minutes to spend reading my Bible.

This little one joined me!

Got little miss ready. And now time to get ready myself!

Ready for the day!

Breakfast for everyone. Yes, Charlee took her dress off to eat because most of her cereal doesn’t make it into her mouth.

Made all the beds…

And changed because I spilt hot sauce all over myself. Ugh!

Teeth and hair for all three kids….

And off to school drop off! We dropped Colson off at school and picked up…

Hallie! Charlee and I dropped off those two…

And went to Albertson’s for Dad and got coffee for ourselves!

My favorites! We usually stop to see Dad at least once!

Home and my goal while Peyton was at school was to finish the laundry and get the laundry room back in order.
Done! ✔️

While this one made me ice cream!

Picked up our boy!

We headed to lunch but we were early so the kids watched a show while I read a couple pages.

Wednesday lunch with the family is always something we look forward to!

Home for naps. I usually try and complete a task during nap time but I was exhausted so I laid down to read with
Peyton. I feel asleep….

Up just in time to pick up Colson!
School gets out early on Wednesdays so we headed to…

The eye doctor! Our eye doctor is one of my childhood friends. He’s an incredible doctor and person. So fun to raise our kids together and support each other.

Home with a Red Bull and dinner rush! It was easy since we had football!

The kids played and Colson worked on homework.

Bratwurst and a quick family dinner before practice.

These two stayed home with Dad..

I went to football and enjoyed the quiet while reading my book.

A FaceTime to request ice cream…

It worked…

Baseball and ice cream!

All the kids ready for bed and snuggled up to watch the season premiere of Survivor!

Put them to bed around 8:30. Finished Survivor, and then headed to bed to write this post and watch the end of the baseball game.

And lights out at 10:30.

It was a busy day! I hope you have a great Thursday!

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