Thursday, June 10, 2021

School Year 2020-2021

 School has been out for a week and we're already enjoying summer!

This school year has been amazing! I'm so thankful for both of the boys' teachers. I'm also very thankful that they both had face-to-face learning ALL YEAR LONG!!! That is huge. I know that so many places were virtual for a lot of the year.

The beginning of Colson's 3rd grade year...

He started the year, needing to wear a mask to school and on the bus.

In October, the school started to allow volunteers. We had to wear a mask all year, but I'm so glad I was able to go in and be apart of Colson's year!

Colson has made so many amazing friends at school.

We only had to quarantine once. Colson had to be tested before he could go back to school and after three days at home, he got a negative result and headed back to the classroom.

The teachers did a great job putting together field day and all the parents were able to come and help.

Riding the bus was one of Colson's favorite things to do! He loved his bus drivers and so did I!
I don't think bus drivers get enough credit! They got him safely to and from school everyday!

Last day of 2nd grade!

Colson was so blessed to have Mrs. Pollard for 2nd grade! We love her so much!!!

Officially a 3rd grader!!!!!

Peyton started school in September and never had to wear a mask!

Colson has always loved school, but his little brother doesn't share the love. He never got excited to go.

Peyton's school was able to attend field trips throughout the year!

Last day of preschool!

On Peyton's last day of school, they had a performance! 
They received moving up diplomas and it was the cutest thing!

We loved Mrs. Kimball! She was so encouraging for Peyton.

Next stop....Pre-K!

I hope your kids had a wonderful school year, no matter what that looked like!
Happy summer!!!

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