Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve had the best first full week of summer! We kicked things off with a full schedule! Today, I’m sharing some favorites from the week.

Our FAVORITE activity of the week has been swimming lessons. Our favorite swimming instructor isn’t offering them this summer but the girls we found are amazing! I can’t believe how much the kids have learned this week!

Colson bought a tie dye kit and all three kids made a shirt!
A messy activity but the end result is their FAVORITE!

Time with cousins is our FAVORITE. Even when it’s only for a minute. We went to see GG so she could help fix Charlee’s swimming suit and she was watching the kids so they were able to play for a few minutes!

Lots of reading happened this week, which is my FAVORITE!

So many of my FAVORITE memories this week on Timehop! 

One night this week I wasn’t feeling great so I went in our room and laid down while everyone ate dinner.
When I woke up, the entire kitchen was cleaned up and the kids were all outside with Dad helping with yard work. Travis is my FAVORITE all of the time but I really appreciated him on a night when he didn’t have time to handle my responsibilities too.

Matching toes and fingers are Charlee’s FAVORITE!

Since baseball is over for us, we finally made it to Hallie’s game and it was fun to watch! The kids loved it and Colson thinks he’s going to teach her a few things about his FAVORITE sport…

For the past week, Colson has been taking care of the neighbors cat and it’s all three kids FAVORITE part of the day! They love going over to see him!

Peyton’s FAVORITE part of swimming lessons has nothing to do with the lessons and everything to do with their mini goldendoodle! She’s so sweet!

Everyone has been so wore out after swimming! When everyone takes a nap, it’s my FAVORITE! 

Dads chair broke and watching these two fix it was my FAVORITE! Charlee even brought hers out to fix!

I love my Bogg Bag so much and I use it for everything! My new FAVORITE use for it is carrying a wet Charlee to the car after swimming lessons!

Ice cream treats are everyone’s FAVORITE!!!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

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