Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Charlee Jo {Two}

Last Friday our Charlee Jo turned two! We celebrated with an Oh TWOdles party for our Minnie Mouse loving girl!

We started our morning with donuts. It’s tradition!

I made the invitations and although they were time consuming, I was so happy with how they turned out!

Papa Kim even helped with the party preparations. I’m sure our neighbors were so happy about not having all the dust!

The two year old had zero interest in pictures so I’m grateful for the ones I was able to get, although they aren’t great.

I ordered her ears on ETSY and was so happy with it.

I made her shirt and shoes!

Charlee loved seeing all the pictures that I hung up.

Look Dad!

A balloon arch, flowers, and cake make for a good party!

We had a taco bar to keep things simple.

We served margaritas to go along with tacos!

The bounce house was great for the kids!

The kids had so much fun and were tired!
Along with Aunt Emmy...

The only picture of guests that I took...
I enjoyed visiting with everyone and didn’t think to take pictures.

Charlee was so sweet while opening her gifts. She was excited about each one!

I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

This was such a fun and simple party to celebrate our girl! It’s hard to believe she’s two!

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