Monday, April 5, 2021

Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was jam packed with activities. 

Friday was spent subbing in PE for me. A whole new experience for me. 
It was fun and a good change.
Wearing comfy clothes...I'll take it. Especially on a Friday.

Meanwhile, Charlee and Peyton had the best day at the babysitter's house! She is amazing!

We had baseball practice so we were at the ball field for a couple hours.
I love that all the boys go straight to the dirt!

We have the sweetest family on our team that adores Charlee Jo...

Yay, Dad!!! I just love being at the field.

I watched the Good Friday service online this year. I love this service but I knew with everything we had going on, I wouldn't be able to make it to in person.

Friday night, this kiddo was tired and fell asleep in our bed!

Saturday started early.  Up and at the ballfield by 9:30 for pictures! Of course we needed coffee!

We had opening ceremonies at 11 so we just stuck around all day.
We packed lunches and never left!

It was a long day for the littles but they did great!

So proud of my number 7! He caught for the beginning of the game and then played second base.
He caught a pop fly and tagged a runner so he made a double play! It was a tough loss and to be honest, this season is going to be a tough one but I'm proud of him for playing hard.

Naps at the ballpark!

Snacks for the players. I had these cookies made with all their numbers. I love how they turned out!

We spent the evening getting ready for Easter!

Although we were busy and barely home, it was such a great weekend!

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