Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy  Good Friday!! This week has been busy and this weekend isn’t slowing down any.

I’m sharing some favorites from the week!

Charlee’s favorite thing to do right now is color and it seems to keep her busy for longer than two minutes so it’s my favorite thing too!

Her little grip is the best.

Spending nights at the baseball field is my favorite!

Freezing cold one day and 80° the next...

Colson got his uniform and the excitement was my favorite!

Colson has been going with my Dad. His favorite player is number seven. Timmy has taken time to acknowledge Colson and that makes me so emotional! I love that high school kids show these young kids attention. 

Cousin time is everyone’s favorite!!!

And the cutest matching outfits! 

Charlee has been sleeping in Peyton’s bed and it’s her favorite! Not mine, it means she’s growing up.

Wacky day was Colson’s favorite! I love that he loves dress up days!

My favorite coffee date!

I also made a basketball cake and it was so fun!

Have the best day!!!

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