Monday, February 22, 2021

Weekend things...

Hello Monday. We aren’t starting the week like I wish we were. Travis and I were up with Colson most of the night because he’s got a stomach bug. Hopefully, the worst is over.

On Friday, our district celebrated 100 days of in person learning for the elementary schools! 

After being up most of the night with Charlee, thanks to teeth coming in, I skipped the gym and got the kiddos donuts. Easy. 

Isn’t this how everyone eats a donut?

When Friday night rolled around we all felt this...

Saturday morning was baseball tryouts for this guy!

And then grocery shopping. Two stores. One very full car. And two sleeping babies later...

And I rewarded myself with coffee!

Saturday ended with a movie and magic popcorn!

Another night of little sleep...

But still all smiles when morning came.

Sunday morning we headed to breakfast with Jo and Papa Kim!

Of course he brought a book to read...

Followed by a lazy day monitoring the dangerous activities this girl partakes in....

I woke up to Colson getting sick and then spending the night with him making sure he was okay. Sick kids are the worst.

Hopefully a day at home and resting will make him feel better. Today will be full of soup and couch cuddles.

Have the best day!

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