Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It’s been a crazy week, especially if you live in  Texas. Sending our prayers for everyone who’s been affected by the crazy storms.

Here are some favorites from our week.

The first one is technically last week but check out this cute sign I had made for Colson’s teacher. He took it to her for Valentine’sDay!

Rides to the bus are Charlee’s favorite.

My Dad works for the school district and he’s in Colson’s school often. He sent me these pictures this week. So proud of Colson for his hard work in school. Messages like this are my favorite!

Charlee Jo’s favorite person is Colson. He lets her do anything she wants. Gives her anything she wants. Adores her. So she starts close when he first arrives home.

Puzzles have become Charlee’s favorite and her reaction when she finishes them is mine! 

A couple of TimeHop pictures this week have been my favorite! Sister and those amazing lips....

And going on a vacation!!! The last vacation we went on together before Covid shut the world down.

She still has those lips...

Afternoon snuggles with the kiddos is my favorite.

Peyton’s field trip was a definite favorite of the week!

And we were able to go to lunch with Hallie and Uncle Daniel! A favorite for both of us.

Picking out new toys....or so he wishes!

Picnics before bed are her favorite!

I’m so glad we didn’t receive as much snow as they predicted but after a sleepless night with Charlee, I still plan on staying home all day and not getting out of my pajamas!

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