Monday, December 21, 2020

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! We had such a great weekend. I didn’t want it to end. I can’t believe we’re only a few days away from Christmas. My kids are so excited!

We kicked off the weekend on Friday night with Christmas in Color. We took Nana and Papa with us. 

Our drivers...

Then we headed to check out a friend of my Mom’s yard.
It was decorated amazing, she gave my kids way too many candy canes, and offered to take our picture.

She also has the cutest puppy that my kids loved!

Coffee for the drive home...yes, please!

Papa had the best, most comfortable seat...smashed between the two boys in the very back.

And this cutie stayed up way past her bedtime!

Colson made me the perfect picture to hang on my fridge...

Some of us are cookies for breakfast...

And we took apart our bed to make room for our new bed.

Travis had the best helper...

I ran into Albertsons to grab some flowers and ran into my aunt who was doing the same thing.

I spent time at the cemetery. Saturday would have been my Grandpa Warren’s birthday.

Peyton normally takes naps in our bed and since we took it apart, I asked him if he wanted to nap in Charlee’s room. I fully expected him to tell me no but he said yes so he did!

These three delivered some apple crisp to Grandma Jo.

I ate apple crisp for breakfast! I think it’s the best kind of breakfast. Hot apple crisp and coffee!

This cutie talked his dad into an ice cream cone.

The boys worked on a gingerbread house over the weekend.

I will forever buy the prebuilt houses from Costco. They decorated it but we didn’t need to build it, the worst part.

We played with Pokémon cards...

And took a trip to Target. It was pointless but we had a couple of hours without kids and it was fun.

Can’t you tell...

I hope you had a great weekend! Now I have a to-do list a mile long because I didn’t get any of it done this weekend!

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