Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Day in the Life

Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I'd chronicle a day in the life and share. Last Tuesday was the day and it started earlier than I'd like because it was hair washing day. (Keeping it real)

After my alarm goes off, I usually spend 10 minutes laying in bed reading blogs...I wake up slowly.

Out of the shower, coffee was made, and time for makeup.

Peyton woke up. He's usually the first to wake up and he wakes up like his Dad and me, grouchy. He requests apple juice and Paw Patrol every single morning.

Now, time to dry and curl my hair....I hate washing my hair but I can't seem to go longer than two days.

And little sister has joined Peyton in bed. She was sleeping until almost nine every morning but for the last few weeks shes up before seven or shortly after.

Ready for the day....

Bed is made!

It was sheet washing day so I threw them into the washer before heading off to make a lunch and get this kiddos ready for the day.

Ready to head out the door! Peyton had Christmas pajama day at preschool on this particular day.

When it's freezing outside, I drive down to the bus stop in the mornings.

We have about 30 minutes between getting Colson on the bus and dropping Peyton off at school. We headed to Starbucks on this particular morning to grab a coffee.

Ran by the post office to mail off the last of the Christmas cards...

And finally to preschool to drop this cutie off!

As soon as we dropped him off, Charlee Jo and I headed to Walmart to pick up our grocery order.

And then ran into Costco to finish up Christmas shopping. I needed a couple more things for her and I knew Costco would have a good selection of books!

Then...we headed to Albertson's to pick up the few things that Walmart didn't have in stock. I also needed some gift cards and that finished up my Christmas shopping!!!

We finished all of our errands just in time to pick this cutie up from school.

He asked to stop and see Dad on his way home so of course we made a quick stop!

I got the kids' lunch and then put away all the groceries.

Cleaned up the kitchen after lunch.

I let the kids watch a cartoon while I finished up the last of my wrapping!

I also grabbed each of the kid a book at Costco for Valentine's Day so I wrapped those while I had it all out.

Nap time for the kiddos! I've gotten into a terrible habit of rocking Charlee Jo before her nap so now she has a hard time going down unless I rock her a few minutes...

But she's out!

Peyton wasn't tired and he no longer needs naps...(according to him) But he still takes such a great nap!

I sat down to make a list of everything that I needed to get done this week.

And wrap up some blog posts...

Sister woke up from her nap so we shared a snack! 

And snuggled for a few minutes because she wasn't happy after she woke up.

Charlee Jo and I walked to the bus to get Colson. It was snowing and she loves the snow!

Home, time to unload backpacks, read, and go through the mail. Christmas time is my favorite time of year to get the mail. I mean...look at this beautiful card!

Change out the laundry again and deal with this mess. The laundry room becomes a catch all because I can close the door and no one sees it.

So much better.

I walked out to find sister in Dad's chair and she helped herself to some cereal.

I made dinner while Colson finished up his reading, Peyton was still napping, and Charlee was in my arms.

This one finally woke up and required some snuggles. None of my kids wake up great. I asked for a picture and he said yes, as long as he could close his eyes...

Dad's home!!! Everyone's favorite time of the day is when Dad walks through the door.
Travis and Peyton worked on shapes.

And since even Mikey was celebrating Taco Tuesday...

We had tacos for diner!

Time to clean up the kitchen for a second time.

And then the littles played in Charlee's room while Colson hung out in his room.

Bath time for the littles.......

Into jammies and back to playing. I love watching Charlee Jo play with her babies.

A surprise visit from Aunt Theresa!!! Everyone was excited to see her!

And Peyton showed all of us his work that he brought home from school.

Including this project that he refuses to give me. :(

Bedtime for sister.

Changed out the laundry again! It's never ending!

I asked Colson to help me with a puzzle!

The boys went to bed at 8:00 and I finished the puzzle while Travis and I watched The Bachelorette. 

We climbed into bed and I did my advent study for the day before turning off the lights. It was much later than normal, thanks to the puzzle!

Lights out were around 11:30. So late for us! I hope you enjoyed this peek into my day! Happy Tuesday!

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