Thursday, December 10, 2020

#joceveryday2020 {lots of weeks}

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my daily pictures so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy several weeks of pictures!

Day 309: She isn’t much of a smuggler, but somehow I got this!

Day 310: I convinced this one to snuggle me and watch a movie. I’m all about the snuggles these days.

Day 311; these kiddos worked hard to create some happy mail today. Because who doesn’t love happy mail?!

Day 312: in the final hour of the day, they’re finally getting along. Colson is just enough older that Peyton constantly bothers him but once in awhile I find them like this!

Day 313: sassy, independent, strong-willed, curious, but also sweet and loving. This girl has a BIG personality and we love her for it! πŸ’œ

#joceveryday2020 Day 314: I’m so thankful for @kjc_0115 and our 30 years of friendship. She knows the magical powers of Starbucks in the holiday cup being delivered to my doorstep on a day that was less than ideal! ❤️πŸŽ„☕️ Thank you friend!

#joceveryday2020 Day 315: making Papa Warren a special bracelet! πŸ’™

#joceveryday2020 Day 316: I said goodbye to one of the greatest men I’ve ever known. He had the patience of a saint. A true servants heart. The ultimate story teller. A man who never stopped working, especially in his garden. He loved my kids so much and we have so many amazing memories with him. He was the greatest singer of “You are my Sunshine”. ❤️ If you were lucky enough to know him, you loved him. ❤️ Love you Grandpa.

#joceveryday2020 Day 317: my girl. πŸ’œ

#joceveryday2020 Day 318: thankful for grandparents do we could have a date night in with the greatest movie.

#joceveryday2020 Day 319: rainy and cold day is the perfect opportunity to play board games!

#joceveryday2020 Day 320: I LOVE a fresh planner! But 2021 is getting filled in with pencil. I’d say I’m an optimistic person but 2020 had too many canceled plans!

#joceveryday2020 Day 321: Peyton has us laughing daily with his costumes, voice changes, stories, and bluntness. I love watching my kids personalities develop and how unique each one of them is.

#joceveryday2020 Day 322: πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™

#joceveryday2020 Day 323: I’m so grateful preschool had Turkey Day! It may have been different than in years past but it sure felt nice to go and see all those happy kiddos!

#joceveryday2020 Day 324: today I listened to @russellmnelson talk about gratefulness. Although I’m not a member of the same church, his words stuck with me today. He encouraged everyone to flood social media with things we’re grateful for for the next seven days as we prepare our hearts for the season of all seasons.

These last three weeks have been so heavy. I’ve been consumed with the election, COVID, my grandfather being diagnosed with lung cancer, losing my grandfather, and yesterday we honored his life. However, through all of it, my husband has been so supportive. I’m grateful for his love for me and his family. He’s my rock, greatest gift and blessing.


#joceveryday2020 Day 325: I’m grateful for these three and the chaos they bring. 


#joceveryday2020 Day 326: I’m so grateful for technology and the amazing relationship the kids and I have with GG and Papa Les. Being so far away for six months of the year is hard but technology makes it bearable. The kids ask to FaceTime them several times a week and I love it too!

#joceveryday2020 Day 327: I’m grateful for this Paw Patrol loving boy that doesn’t love to snuggle but will for some extra awake time. #anythingtogetoutofbedtime

#joceveryday2020 Day 328: we’re grateful for coffee and Kacie!

#joceveryday2020 Day 329: I’m grateful for my kitchen. I love to bake and cook and our kitchen truly is the heart of our home. I spend the majority of my days in here and I love it so much.

#joceveryday2020 Day 340: Extremely, extremely thankful.

#joceveryday2020 Day 341: it’s officially the  Christmas season! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌ

#joceveryday2020 Day 342: this is 31! Today and everyday is good when it’s spent with my family! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

#joceveryday2020 Day 343: The kids saw Santa today, through some plexiglass. Fitting for 2020. πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„

#joceveryday2020 Day 344: I got to spend the afternoon in Colson’s classroom and then we went for a coffee date. I sure love this kiddo. ❤️

#joceveryday2020 Day 345: after discussing everything rectangular in our house, we settled on the business card he carries around with him at all times for show and tell today. 🀦🏼‍♀️πŸ˜‚ If he doesn’t grow up to be a fuel man, I’ll be shocked. He idolizes his Dad and it’s pretty darn cute. ⛽️

#joceveryday2020 Day 346: it’s blurry but so is life right now. I’m so grateful for my Aunt. She blesses our family so much. Tonight she stopped by to pick something up and sat down to feed a kid. Listened to all the stories my kids needed to tell her. Helped refill cups. Poured milk in cereal. And did it all with a smile. She definitely got my Grandpa Warren’s servants heart. ❤️ Every time we see her, we’re blessed.

#joceveryday2020 Day 347: what a night. Charlee fell in the bathtub and cut her chin open. I was home with the kids and don’t handle blood so I instantly thought the worst. Turns out some butterfly bandaids and Nana and Papa snuggles was all it needed. Going to bed with a smile and ready to climb all the things again tomorrow!

#joceveryday2020 Day 348: the perfect night for a Christmas movie + popcorn!

#joceveryday2020 Day 349: the perfect night after the kiddos went to bed. Thanks for the coffee delivery @kjc_0115 ! Anyone else love puzzles?

#joceveryday2020 Day 350: not the luck we were hoping for. However, it was a much better game than the last time the Broncos played the Chiefs and we had great company. Maybe next year....

#joceveryday2020 Day 351: nothing like starting the week off with wellness visits for these two. We managed to leave without a single tear from either and stopped for ice cream on the way home so it wasn’t too bad!

#joceveryday2020 Day 352: the only reason he likes having a sister is for her toys. Hopefully they’ll be friends when they get older but for now they pick on one another. 😜

#joceveryday2020 Day 353: πŸ’•

I hope you have the best day! 

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