Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I’d share what’s currently happening at the Webb house. 

Making: I’m currently making a grocery list. I typically do all the grocery shopping on Mondays but the littles had doctor appointments yesterday so I’m headed today.

Wanting: to be done Christmas shopping! I always say I’m going to be done before Thanksgiving...here we are, still not done. 

Cooking: Last night I made steak fajitas. I always forget about them but they’re a hit whenever I make them. So easy and good for you! It’s a win!

Drinking: COFFEE, COFEE, COFFEE!!! I struggle drinking water all the time, especially in the winter. I want a warm cup of coffee all the time. 

Eating: I’m trying so hard to eat healthy this week. I’ve been eating so much junk lately. I picked up some prepackaged salads from Costco last week and they’ve been so helpful at lunch. It saves me from eating macaroni and cheese or fish sticks, whatever I fix my kids. 

Reading: Once Upon a Christmas from a local author. It’s our December book for book club and there is no way I’m going to be done with it before Thursday when we meet. It’s basically a Hallmark movie so if you’re looking for a quick, light hearted book, it’s for you.

Looking: Travis and I ordered a new mattress and bed last week. I’ve been looking at bedding since we currently don’t have a quilt that actually fits our bed. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to purchase a new set. Other than the bedding I love from Anthropology is wayyyy out of our price range. 😂 I’ve found several I love from Target too, but I can’t pull the trigger.

Playing: Our elf, Mikey, is bringing the boys Qwirkle in the near future and I’m so excited to play with the boys. I think it will help Peyton with his shapes and I love board games. I’m still putting together a puzzle and it’s more difficult than I anticipated. But I’m not giving up.

Wasting: leftovers. Are you a leftover person? We aren’t and I wish I knew how to cook the perfect amount of food so we never wasted any. So random but I wish I was better about this!

Buying: all the Christmas presents. Thankfully the list is getting shorter but some are just hard to buy for. How can a one year old already have so much stuff! 

Loving: all the Christmas things. This year is so different because of Covid but we’re making the most of it. We’ve had a few things canceled that we always look forward to. We have plans to go look at lights, we saw Santa, and we’re looking forward to decorating Christmas cookies with cousins this year. Our elf came back this year after being gone for three years. Long story....but it’s been fun having him!

Hoping: I’m really hoping to end the year healthy. With everything going on, I hope our family can stay healthy. Isn’t that what everyone is hoping for at this point in 2020?

Needing: to meal plan! It always saves me so much time and money when I plan out our meals. I’m in a rut with meals. I always make the same things and it’s not all heathy. 

Smelling: I’ve been diffusing Christmas Spirit lately and it’s so good. It just smells like Christmas! I found this little house at Home Goods last year and I put my diffuser inside so it looks like smoke coming out of the chimney.

Praying: I’m praying about the new year and what the new year is going to bring our family. I’m praying for our business. When you own a business and go through a pandemic, you never know what can happen. I’m praying that God will convict me as I work on personal goals. I’m basically always praying.

Noticing: Walmart is stepping up their game. I’ve found several things for me and the kids in the past few months. I’m very impressed!

Knowing: I know that by making time to spend in The Word each day has helped my attitude. I am doing an Advent study and it’s just what I needed.

Thinking: about all the fun Christmas plans we have in the next few weeks! I love making holidays special for my family. I think alot is different this year, but we can still make it special.

Giggling: at my kids. The last two pictures I took of my kids, Charlee has a cheesy grin while Peyton refuses to smile. Their personalities couldn’t be more different. They pick on one another all day long but there are a few sweet moments between them.

Feeling: Grateful for this season and the true meaning behind why we’re celebrating. 

I hope you have the best day.

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