Sunday, November 8, 2020

Weekend Happenings

Our weekend was very low key and full of down time.

I try not to post anything political because it’s such a mess right now. However, when I saw this, I couldn’t resist!

Friday night ended with a movie and snuggles in my bed!

Saturday started out the way that Friday ended!

We enjoyed our coffee, some more than others!

Travis completed a list of things he’s been wanting to tackle.
I finally have an outlook in the floor of our living room!

The kids worked on making cards for some special people!

Oh look, snuggling and watching another movie...

We managed to make it to the couch Sunday.
We watched the Broncos. Took naps. And waited for Dad to make it home from hunting!

Although we didn’t do much, it was the perfect time at home.

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