Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Kids Gift Guides

This year our holiday shopping will mostly be done online and with all the shipping happening, I'm starting now! I want to make sure that things arrive well before Christmas! I thought I'd share the kids' gift guides with you today incase you're in the same boat!

This Christmas is going to be so magical with Charlee Jo. She's at a fun age where she gets excited about things. She loves her baby dolls so of course this Christmas is going to be full of dolls!

Cash Register// I love this because it encourages open ended play. We have a ton of play food and a shopping cart so this would be the perfect addition. If only we had the space! 

High Chair// Charlee is always putting her baby in her highchair so it would be fun for her to have one just the perfect size for her dolls. I love the simple white and the quality is unmatched!

Kitchen// Charlee was gifted a kitchen and it gets used daily at our house. All three kids love it. This was the kitchen I've had my eye on since finding out we were having a girl. I love the color, simplicity, and quality!

Cuddle + Kind// I've always loved these Cuddle + Kind dolls. The company gives free meals with every doll purchased. This flamingo is my favorite!

Doll Cradle// This is such a sweet cradle. It doesn't need to be personalized, but it is a sweet touch. Charlee Jo loves playing with the doll play-pin at Grandma Jo's so I'm sure this will be a hit!

Stroller// This stroller is perfect! I love that it can be used so many different ways. I can see this being a favorite as Charlee Jo grows.

Doll Swing// This is a fun option that is two in one! It's a doll swing but it also comes apart and is the doll carrier or car seat. I love the options with this one.

I've had so much fun looking for all the girl toys this year!

Peyton is going to be the hardest to shop for this year but Colson is obsessed with Harry Potter and LEGOS, so he will be done in no time!

Harry Potter Illustrated // Colson and I have been reading Harry Potter together. One of our friend's loaned us his Illustrated copy and it's amazing! Colson is getting this set for Christmas!

Train Set // We gave this set to Peyton last year for his birthday and both boys pull it out to play with it often. It encourages open ended play and the quality is amazing!

Harry Potter LEGOS // Like I said, Colson has asked for Harry Potter LEGO sets and this one looks like it might actually take him some time to complete.

Indoor Bowling Set // With being stuck inside so much this year, this would be so fun for the kids. If you have a long hallway, it's perfect! Keep them active!

Paw Patrol Boat // The only thing that Peyton has asked for specifically this year is Captain Turbot's boat. Santa better come through with this!

Anywhere Chair // All three of the kids have an anywhere chair from Pottery Barn. They love them. They've held up well so far and get "used" all the time!

I love purchasing toys that can be used in more than one way and will encourage open ended play. With almost any toys, all three of the kids will play together. I also look at the quality of things. If I want them to last, I don't mind spending a little more. Most of the time Pottery Barn has a great sale around Thanksgiving and that's when I've always purchased from them!

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